Eclipse MOD Editor for phpBB - Installation


The MOD Editor plugin is available under the GNU General Public License.


Java 1.4.2

You need a 1.4.2 level Java runtime on your machine. You can get one here.
If you don't know your Java version, then open a command shell and type java -version.

Eclipse 3.0

You also need an Eclipse 3.0 platform runtime installation. From the following list select the appropriate package for your platform (for Windows only see also the installer version)

Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
(http)   (ftp)
Linux (x86/Motif) (Supported Versions)
(http)   (ftp)
Linux (x86/GTK 2) (Supported Versions)
(http)   (ftp)
Linux (AMD 64/GTK 2) (Supported Versions)
(http)   (ftp)
Solaris 8 (SPARC/Motif)
(http)   (ftp)
AIX (PPC/Motif)
(http)   (ftp)
HP-UX (HP9000/Motif)
(http)   (ftp)
Mac OSX (Mac/Carbon) (Supported Versions)
(http)   (ftp)

The plugin has been tested with Eclipse 3.0 and 2.1.x on Windows. Please report successful usage with other versions/platforms.

Plugin Installation using Eclipse update manager

After you have successfully installed the Eclipse package and started your Eclipse, please select Help -> Software Updates -> Find and Install -> Search for new features to install. Add a new remote site with name MOD Editor which links to Pressing "Next" will start the search for features. You can then select the MOD Editor feature and install the latest version.

Manual Plugin Installation

As an alternative you can also manually download the current version of the plugin for your Eclipse version from the Sourceforge files site. Extract the zip file into the directory which contains your Eclipse installation (the feature and plugin directory of the zip file must match the corresponding directories of your Eclipse installation). Restart your workbench.

Windows only: Installer

For Windows there is also an installer available on the download page, which will download both Eclipse and the MOD Editor from the internet and install both in a separate directory. You still need to manually install a Java runtime 1.4.2 or better.

MOD Editor Usage

Create new project
First you need to create a new project via File -> New -> Project -> Simple -> Project. Give it a descriptive name. With the project being highlighted, select File -> New -> Other -> phpBB MOD to create a new MOD.
If you have any questions please select Help > Help Contents and open the included MOD Editor User Guide.